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Originally established in 1942 as Heung-A Tire, Nexen Tyre has over 50 years of tradition as a respected leader within the industry.  Acknowledged as Korea’s... says...

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Nexen tyre N'Fera RU1 is a new product of this Korean brand for the summer season of 2014. The tyre was designed for passenger cars and SUVs. The special design and modern manufacturing technology helped create a tyre that fully meets the technical requirements of this type of vehicle and is also visually attractive. This model ensures an adequate level of performance in all summer conditions. The tyre quickly adapts to current road conditions. It instantly reacts to wet surfaces and ensures good control in dry conditions. This was made possible, thanks to an asymmetric tread pattern which was created to ensure short braking distances on dry roads and fast water removal during rain. These parameters are also made possible by the rubber compound used to manufacture the tyre, which also ensures its good grip. Additionally, it is also responsible for the slow wear of the tyre. In addition to slow wear, its economical factors are ensured by lower rolling resistance, which reduces fuel consumption. The special design of the tyre will make each trip comfortable and safe, without compromising the tyre performance. One of the most important elements of this design is the central rib of the tyre, which takes care of the vehicle stability even during fast cornering.

Nexen is a Korean tyre brand, which has more than 60 years of experience in the industry. The brand name is an abbreviation of the term "Next Century", which signals the future vision of the company in designing and manufacturing its tyres. Nexen supplies tyres of good quality which are safe and environmentally friendly. Nexen products are present on the markets of 120 countries.

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N Fera RU1 Reviews

225/60R18. Amazing tyres, especially for roads with poor surface. Very comfortable and soft. Huge difference with Michelin Latitude sport 3. Nexen is much more comfortable. Only on speeds above 140 km/h steer response is not so immediate, but it is ok, because better do not make any sharp movements on a such speed, but if going straight it is ok. Using on honda cr-v. At the moment only 200km done, so can not say much about wear, but price is good, so if it will run at least 40000km I will be happy and purchase it again.
CompareTyres User 2019
put four of these tyres on my Astra GTC that was running factory Bridgestones, which i hate. Bridgestones are like driving on solid stone, they are spine shattering. my local fitting centre was doing a deal on the Nexen tyre so i opted to try them and they are a revelation. they offer utter comfort, very low road noise and they have proved to have bags of grip in the wet and dry, even with spirited driving. they may well wear out quicker than other brands but for what i paid for them its manageable. overall i am very impressed with this tyre, it punches well above its weight
CompareTyres User 2019
I bought these tyres due to the value for money they offered. I paid £75 a corner which was excellent value for such a large tyre. I find the Roadstone tyres a lot more comfortable than the Contisport 5”s that we’re fitted by the manufacturer. I find the tyres excellent in the wet and dry and I have never driven beyond the limits of the tyre. The tyres have been on my car for 14,000 miles and the wear is excellent. I still have over 5mm on the front and 6mm on the rear. I would highly recommend these tyres to anyone wanting an affordable reliable tyre. I had Roadstone tyres on my previous vehicle and was that impressed I bought them for my current vehicle.

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