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Originally established in 1942 as Heung-A Tire, Nexen Tyre has over 50 years of tradition as a respected leader within the industry.  Acknowledged as Korea’s... says...

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Nexen N'Blue Eco is an economy-class summer tyre intended for daily driving. The model was developed using a rubber compound featuring an excellent flexibility in a wide range of temperatures. Due to this, the tyre/road contact has been enlarged, which helps to achieve better grip and a more stable drive.

The even distribution of pressures acting against Nexen N’Blue Ecoensures a slow and even tread wear. This gives us the possibility to use these tyres at full performance for the entire life without having to worry about the gradual deterioration of driving safety and comfort as time passes. The optimised grooves ensure a shorter braking distance not only on dry but also on a wet surfaces. Three continuous central ribs help to maintain stability on corners, during sudden manoeuvres and in high-speed driving. The tyre is provided with an asymmetric tread consisting of two sections. Each of them is responsible for a different type of performance, so Nexen N’Blue Ecoperforms very well on the road no matter the weather. The wide grooves efficiently drain water from under the crown ply and guarantee effective drainage of the tread. Consequently, the risk of aquaplaning is reduced and the drive is fully safe regardless of the weather conditions. Nexen N’Blue Eco is a very good solution for all those who expect their daily-drive tyres to have optimum parameters on any type of surface, an extended life and high reliability.

Nexen is a company with over 60 years of tradition in tyre manufacturing. Their production lines supply tyres rated in the economy class which are distinguished by a balanced performance regardless of the weather and a good value for money ratio. Thanks to the modern materials used in manufacturing and the innovative production solutions, Nexen tyres are recognised by millions of drivers all over the world.

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N BLUE ECO Reviews

Put theses on my 1 series BMW instead of the expensive run flats, got to be honest they have been on the car a little over 2 yrs, the car has covered over 20,000 with them & they have been fantastic. Road noise is so much better, grip is outstanding & the wear has been phenomenal. Will definatly be buying these again. The front two are still like new & the Rear two will probably require changing around winter just to get through it. £55 a tyre fitted instead of £250 a tyre?! Bargain!!
CompareTyres User 2019
Done 20,000 miles on my Ford Focus now. Still legal though not for much longer I think. A very similar mileage to what I got out of the original spec Michelins. Definitely good value. I haven't noticed anything bad about them, but I haven't been pushing to the limits in the wet or in the dry (and even if I was, Ford Focus studio is not exactly powerful), so maybe boy racers may find something to complain about, I don't know...
CompareTyres User 2019
These tyres had a lot of grip and were getting warm quickly. I don't remember having them to lose grip, ever. However I 've never pushed them to theit actual limit, but at least on every sharp turned I tried, they looked to have been adhered to road. Not entirely sure about wet performance. Good feedback from the road and comfort, tiny bit noisy but good at absorbing all these tiny high frequency road anomalies. And the big BUT comes at this point. They wore out VERY quickly. The side corners and walls are not reinforced and started having cracks on the third of their total four years of life. One more note about side walls is that they don't have rim protection which can be a showstopper sometimes on dense cities.

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