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Originally established in 1942 as Heung-A Tire, Nexen Tyre has over 50 years of tradition as a respected leader within the industry.  Acknowledged as Korea’s... says...

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Nexen N6000 is a tyre made by the thriving Korean brand. The model is equipped with an aggressive directional tread that perfectly drains water when driving in deep puddles. The inward-directed grooves collect water and immediately evacuate it outside. This results in aquaplaning resistance and stability during driving in unfavourable weather conditions.

The precision of manoeuvring on a dry surface is ensured by the continuous strip located in the central section of Nexen N6000. Such a solution also reduces braking distance. With the optimum solutions used in the tyre, you can travel safely regardless of the road conditions.

One of the greatest assets of Nexen N6000 is also the affordable price combined with high technology and good performance. Nexen N6000 stands for a safe and cost-effective driving every day. Safety and cost-efficiency are also important for the comfort and peace during travelling.

Nexen is a dynamically growing tyre brand. Currently, the company employs over 2,000 people and its tyres are available in as many as 120 countries. The management anticipate further development. It is indicated, e.g., by the opening of their agency in Germany (Nexen Tire Europe).

The excellent quality of Nexen tyres also translates into the brand’s presence in different motor sports such as drift. The Nexen name derives from the expression “Next Century Tires”. It’s also worth knowing that Woosung Tire, the predecessor of Nexen, cooperated with the French giant, Michelin. The valuable experience gained during that cooperation has also contributed to the dynamic growth of their tyres, including Nexen N6000.

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N6000 Reviews

Cheap tyre and nice wear after near 6 month. Under rain condition this tyres are an HORROR. In the highway after taking some water on the road I lost totally the car control. I had never happened in worse conditions with Bridgestones Potenza.
CompareTyres User 2019
not a good tyre bad road feed back in the dry terrible tyre in the wet aquaplanes very bad wear well but that is the only good point would never buy again
CompareTyres User 2019
Very nice looking tyre with C,C & 74 dB EU index.Very good grip on dry and surprise even not bad on wet. Hard and very noisy tyres. I did 16 thousand miles in 6 months, less than 50% of the tread is gone. Half of this mileage car was fully loaded and I was driving it with the speed 80-90 mph. Vulnerable and unstable in ruts.

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