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Originally established in 1942 as Heung-A Tire, Nexen Tyre has over 50 years of tradition as a respected leader within the industry.  Acknowledged as Korea’s...
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Tyres are ok so far driven about 1000 miles and the grip is good,little to no roadnoise, overall a pretty decent tyre for price.
CompareTyres User 2019
had these on all 4 corners of a 4007/Outlander/CCrosser for 26 months. covered about 26000 miles. Front wore at on edges possibly down to wheel alignment. and as a result need replacing now. Centre tread still at 3.5-4mm (well above tyre wear indicators.) still gripping well, just a little loss of confidence in feedback from steering at low speed. country lanes and bends stick gripping well. Rears, 26000 miles and counting, still going strong and plenty of tread left all across the tyre. Mostly rural driving and motorways, no issues in the wet or icy conditions. being a rural driver they inspire confidence in off tarmac situation, mud/grass/water. pulled many a car or van out of fields. The 2017-2018 winter was the first time i got to try them in snow.. (after so 18months/18000 miles worn) no drama, snow, ice, slush, even compacted polished snow on hills. not sure how much is the tyre or how much is the car.. not quite as confident in snow (going down hill) as i was in my old Freelander with Michelin Synchrones. (though that was with hill descent on. 4007 doesn't have that.) but certainly capable. never been stuck yet, even when i thought i might be, even with worn front edges. smooth and quiet at motorway speeds.
CompareTyres User 2019
Fitted to 2015 Korando 2.0 SE4. Just checked for wear on front after 27278 miles and have 4 to 5mm left. Look pretty good to me.

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