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Nankang Sportnex NS20 tyres

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Reliability and comfort, with Nankang tyres. Widely appreciated for the quality and affordability of its products, Nankang is a company based in Taiwan , and ... says...

A sporty performance and safety on any surface are the main features offered by the Nankang NS 20. It has been designed for drivers who favour a dynamic and uncompromising driving experience. The unique compound used in its construction gives the tyre excellent grip, steering precision and good traction on any road conditions. The compound used is durable and lightweight, which reduces rolling resistance, resulting in lower fuel consumption, which is something that all drivers can appreciate. The tyre is resistant to rapid tread wear and mechanical damage. Thanks to its balanced distribution of pressure on the road surface, the model wears slowly and offers its full performance specifications for its entire lifetime.

The Nankang NS 20 comes with a directional tread pattern, which performs exceptionally well on wet surfaces. The V-shaped grooves quickly disperse water and reduce the risk of aquaplaning. This means that drivers can enjoy a fast and sporty style of driving, even in poor weather conditions. The blades situated on the tyre shoulders guarantee increased driving stability and better control over the vehicle during manoeuvres such as lane changes or quick start-ups. The Nankang NS 20 also offers a quiet and comfortable driving experience. The use of a state-of-the-art compound and its innovative tread pattern significantly reduce tyre noise, making even everyday driving a real pleasure.

Nankang is a Taiwanese brand that specialises in the production of economy tyres, which are recognised as some of the best in their price range. The company manufactures tyres intended for passenger cars, vans, lorries and agricultural vehicles. The brand also manufactures aircraft tyres for helicopters and military aircraft. Nankang tyres can currently be purchased in over 100 countries worldwide.

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Sportnex NS20 Reviews

For a daily driver to and from work, store or general town driving in both wet and conditions it's A ok tire but if you want performance in fast turns or putting down the hammer this is not the tire.
CompareTyres user 2023
I got rid of a van which was not really being used to it's potential in my business and went back to using an estate car as I did years previous. A sub £1000 Vectra SRi fitted the bill , great car in great condition on a 57 plate on a small budget....never really thought about fun whilst driving from job to job, but after a few back road blasts it became very apparent that the vectra estate( quite a lardy car despite the SRi branding) was actually pretty dam grippy and balanced to a degree that left me quite shocked.No doubting that the chassis must take some praise as it's stiff and well damped, but The tires fitted we're non other than these Nankang NS20,s and the lateral g you can generate is quite astounding for what is a cheap sports tire. My plaything car is a modfified RX8 running on Kuhmo KU36,s, worked suspension too and if I was driving against myself in both vehicles I would not be feeling like the poor cousin on the Nankangs....they install quite a bit of confidence, seem stiff on the sidewalls and grip tenaciously.They run quiet too I would buy again for sure..and will soon. I recommend highley, budget driven or not.
CompareTyres user 2023
740i G11, staggered 245/40-20 front and 275/35-20 rear. Quiet, stable, and far more comfortable than the OE run-flat Bridgestone Potenza. Near equivalent dry grip as the OE Potenza, but the cornering isn’t as precise (these tires do stick), but little more corrections are necessary sometimes. The only complaint is at speed over 100mph, these tires become a little floaty and slightly louder compare to the OE Potenza. Overall, I'm very pleased with how well Nankang NS-20 tires handle the weight and speed of this vehicle. Haven't had a chance to drive on wet surface yet. Fine tires from Nankang, Republic of China.
CompareTyres user 2023