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Nankang NK Comfort AS1 315/35 R20 110Y

Width: 315

Profile: 35

Rim Size: R20

Speed Rating: Y

Load Index: 110

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Tyre details:

Nankang AS 1 is a tyre designed for daily driving. It will perform excellent on both dry and wet surfaces. It is equipped with a modern asymmetric tread that ensures good water drainage and a high level of grip. Efficient drainage of water also influences the fact that the risk of aquaplaning is considerably reduced, and the drive becomes more confident and safe. The tread, consisting of two sections, is responsible not only for the performance during rain. Its internal side includes strips with serrated edges and a central circumferential notch. It ensures a good transmission of wheel movements onto the road, also during a drive on uneven surfaces.

Skid protection is provided by the arched grooves located in the external section of the tyre, as well as by the wide circumferential channels. The model is made of a modern rubber mixture that is additionally enriched with silica compounds. This makes it lightweight and durable which translates into better driving properties of Nankang AS 1. The manufacturer has also improved the tyre’s resistance to mechanical damage, meaning its life has been extended. The tread wears evenly, so the model guarantees full performance over its life, without worrying about a gradual loss of driving parameters. Additionally, driving with Nankang AS 1 is more comfortable due to a lower level of noise, which could be achieved thanks to the tread design. It dampens the sounds emitted by Nankang AS 1 during operation.

Nankang is a brand from Taiwan which specialises in the manufacture of economy-class tyres which combine a reasonable price with versatile performance. The company's history dates back to the 1930s, when they started to build the first rubber production plants in Taiwan. However, the brand itself was created at the beginning of the 1950s and very soon gained the recognition and trust of customers. At the beginning, the tyres were bought by Asian drivers, and later on the company started to expand into other countries. Currently their tyres are available in over 100 countries worldwide.

Nankang NK Comfort AS1
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