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Reliability and comfort, with Nankang tyres. Widely appreciated for the quality and affordability of its products, Nankang is a company based in Taiwan , and ...
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Super tyres for handling. Came with only 6mm tread when new, and the little transverse fins are only 4mm so when the main 3 radial grooves are half worn the left and right edges are about bald. Need to replace at 12k miles when I usually get 18k
CompareTyres User 2019
Its hard to get a decent 165 R13 tyre these days. Its either no-name budget tyres or £200 plus per tyre specialist ones. What happened to the middle ground? These tyres are pretty much it for that area now. I bought two for my Skoda Estelle 130. They went on the rear, but honeslly the handling is now horrible - the sidewall is too soft so the car feels like its on a waterbed, wobbling and lurching. So I moved them to the front and here they are tolerable. Its like Nankang never bothered to actulaly try these tyres on the road and just made them and sold them. I ended up ordering Vreidestein Sprint + online but these are now discontinued. The Spring + are fine, no lurching. To sum up, Nankang sucks the fun out of driving and leaves your passengers feeling queasy.

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