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I got a set of four 265/35/18 tyres for track use and first got a chance to test them last week at Bedford on the GT Circuit. It was my first time on track tyres and since my last track day, I'd also got HSD Monopro coilovers, with professional geometry, corner weighting, and a full alignment. To say that the new setup made a difference would be the understatement of the century. I'm glad I have bucket seats, as otherwise I'd have fallen off my seat round every corner. The tyres felt predictable, gave good feedback, and were quite progressive on the limit. While learning the circuit and getting the feel for the limit, I went sideways quite a lot, and it was FUN! However, I didn't but these to go sideways, obviously, I wanted to be fast. During the whole track day, the only car to pass me was another e46 M3, which was fully track prepped, stripped to the shell with a cage, Nitron coilvers, BBK, and Toyo R888R tyres. He was 3 seconds a lap quicker than my 2min : 52sec best. I'll definitely buy these again when the time comes.
CompareTyres User 2019
Fitted these after 3 sets of R888R. Daily wise - massive improvement. No noise, definitely not as near as the Toyo's made, comfort pretty much the same but perhaps a bit harsher than the R888R, not something i'll put my mind on. On Track just outstanding performance. Beats the Toyo's (not in much though) in almost every aspect from dry grip, feedback (almost identical), handling and most important - durability. These refused to fail after an intense day on a very warm tarmac. My RBF600 failed before the tyres lost their grip. After 2 hours of on and off tracking the front tyres have lost nearly 60% of their lives which was a bit disappointing, but due to the hot weather (35c), long straights with hard braking was understandable. Would buy these again? Well, I've already ordered 2 sets :)
CompareTyres User 2019
I run a somewhat modified AMG C63 in a Sprint/Hillclimb series in Western Australia. I have previously used Yokohama A050’s (at $2300 per set), and Hankook TD Z221’s (at $1800 per set). Whilst looking into options to reduce the financial blow when buying tyres, a fellow competitor came across these Nankang AR-1’s. We started asking around to find more information but there was virtually nobody in competition circles that knew anything about them. What we did find out that they are CHEAP for an R spec tyre. So we dove in and bought a set each. Mine were 2 x 235/40 R18 and 2 x 265/35 R18. Purchase price you ask? Just $950 FOR ALL 4! I had my doubts about performance because, as they say, you get what you pay for. Well, I can report that after many competition rounds that these tyres are simply incredible. I don’t mean incredible based on the price either. These tyres are superb. They heat up quickly, grip comes in within just a few corners, very stable, provide excellent feedback and are proving to have excellent life despite competition level abuse and dozens of heat cycles. Many of my fellow competitors have asked about them and as a result of my always positive feedback, many have switched and are equally as impressed. Several new users have reported PB’s at circuits they know well (as have I). I’m now on my second set and I continue to be just as impressed. These tyres come with a very high recommendation.

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