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Activa SV2 Reviews

I bought this tire - knowing about the very negative reviews of its predecessor - because it was a great buy. I could purchase them very cheaply, so I thought, what the heck, it would be a great tire test... After mounting and balancing, away I went out to the highway and the first impression was scary! The car was very loose; it had a shimmying motion diagonally which was downright frightening. I pulled to the next gas station to check things. Everything was OK, but as I pushed the sidewall of the tire, I noticed that it was VERY soft. The pressure was set to the recommended 1.8/1.8 bar on my Camry. I thought that if the tire has so pliable sidewalls, then I have to compensate this with more pressure. So I decided to raise the inflation pressure to 2.5/2.4 front/rear. I was right!!! The car was immediately transformed! It rode very well despite of the raised pressure, and the SV-2 was exceptionally quiet - I started to trust the tire. Then came the true winter with deep snow. Although the SV-2 doesn't have an aggressive winter profile/sipes, the raw bite and traction is simply awesome. I towed other cars from a parking garage with the ramp completely covered in fresh 20cm thick snow without any wheelspin. It felt like a platter ski lift! Turn in was spontaneous, understeer was minimal if any. Braking performance and overall stability was also impeccable. The winter was absolutely convincing, so I decided to leave on the SV-2s to see how they perform in the scorching heat during summer months. Here in Hungary we have a -20°C - +40°C temp range, so a tire must prove itself. Obviously, the compound went softer, and a tad indifferent, but a /65 tire will never be so spontaneous and instant like a low profile sporty one. It kept its absolute silence, predictability and again performed very well. I must note that the wear factor was simply nonexistent. I rotated them correctly and they looked remarkably fresh. Finally, after 65.000 km, the shoulder blocks wore away on the fronts, as I usually corner with sprightly 0.6+ Gs, avoiding unnecessary braking whenever possible. Now at the 80.000 km mark, I still have the rears on, but they are on their final kilometers now. I replaced the fronts with Nokian AllWeather Pluses, but I'm very dissatisfied with them. They offer nowhere near the performance of the Nankangs, and they have extremely low grip in damp conditions. I'm running dangerously wide in some corners... So, to summarize, the Nankang SV-2s gave THE MOST PLEASANT tire owning experience in my life. It was an exceptional winter tire, but I can recommend this even as an all-season one. I'm an automotive journalist, so I drive lots of different tires, but after these I truly don't know what "premium" means. Quite often the premium brands simply don't have the longevity/performance compared to others, and that questions the objectivity of tire testing in me. Definitely a Buy Again. + quietness, snow grip, wet traction, stability (with raised pressure!), wear/degradation, overall balance, good water management/evacuation, attractive profile, ride comfort - errm... well, slightly longer braking distances in the summer compared with high performance/low profile tires, but this is natural, you MUST compensate the soft sidewalls with more inflation pressure (usually around/upwards of 2.5 bar), otherwise the tire will be indifferent, snappy
CompareTyres user 2023
If this review helps anyone, I bought this tyres 2 years ago, brand new not used, i put all 4 tyres on the car and i waited for "winter is coming", in heat condition this tyre obviously is not good it looses the grip very much (because it's a winter tyre and it's softer then the summer ones), on the other hand, in winter and cold conditions the tyres do very well, i feel the car very smooth, i have grip, and the braking is good, the car it's a non ABS and non power steering, so for no asistences they do very good. Anyway i recommend the tyres because i am very satisfied.
CompareTyres user 2023
Bought these as a budget winter tyre for my Volvo XC90 2017 year. I was expecting okay snow grip looking at the reviews but I am simply amazed how these tyres perform in winter conditions. Driving in our recent snow is like driving on normal roads. Fuel consumption maybe up slightly but that maybe due to the colder temperatures anyway. The Volvo is not a car you flying around corners but compared to the Pirelli scorpion fitted as standard I’ve noticed little difference. In fact I’d say the nankangs edge it slightly.
CompareTyres user 2023