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The Michelin PRIMACY HP is designed for high-speed and high-horsepower vehicles, making it the ideal choice for all drivers who enjoy dynamic and comfortable driving regardless of the weather. The asymmetric tread disperses water rapidly, improving grip and ensuring that dynamic manoeuvres can be performed easily. State-of-the-art technologies ensure that the tyre follows an ideal line, regardless of the road and weather conditions, thanks to an increase in the number of bridges, sturdier tread blocks and better distribution of forces.

The flexible tread ensures maximum contact with the road surface, and the rigid design guarantees optimum performance at the point of contact. All of these factors ensure even wear and improved durability, as well as protecting against typical mechanical damage. This tread pattern allows improved grip and helps to reduce braking distances on wet roads. The unique silica-enhanced Elasto Stop compound used to manufacture the tyre provides an added boost to performance on wet roads. It also improves traction and handling, ensuring driving comfort regardless of speed. The tyre is the ideal solution for anyone who enjoys fast, sporty driving, since its unique technology and the designer's attention to detail mean that they can now drive safely.

Michelin is one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world. As well as its own brand, it also manages companies such as: Michelin, Kleber, BFGoodrich, Saimtyre, Tigar, Euromaster, Recamic, Riken, Taurus, Kormoran and Warrior. Michelin produces premium-range tyres which are famous for their outstanding performance and high manufacturing quality. The company manufactures tyres not only for passenger cars, but also for lorries, motorbikes, bicycles, 4x4 vehicles, aircraft, industrial vehicles, retro vehicles, racing vehicles and agricultural vehicles.

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Primacy HP Reviews

I was very happy with the low wear with 45.000 km on a 7 seat car. Not keeping them as they are the most expensive tires I found locally in my research.
CompareTyres User 2019
These tyres last ages, but that's because they are low grip. They came standard on my GT86 entirely BECAUSE they are low grip and you can drift the car at low speed. As a performance tyre they are rubbish, as a fun and go sideways tyre, great. A bit scary in the wet at high speed.
CompareTyres User 2019
My W213 Mercedes came with these as original equipment. As the tyres wore down, the ride and handling deteriorated noticeably. Car felt a bit unstable, moving slightly sideways, when driving through small potholes. Never had this strange feeling with other cars. Increasing air pressure didn't help. Tyres were rotated and lasted about 25,000 miles then I changed to Goodyear Eagle Assymetric 3, which I found quiet, smoother and generally much more pleasant to drive on.

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