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Michelin is a French tyre manufacturer that has been producing high-quality tyres for over 120 years. The company has a strong presence in the UK... says...

Type: Summer tyre

Class: Premium—products made of the highest quality materials provide excellent performance

Intended use: Passenger cars

Tread: Symmetrical—the shape and tread pattern ensure safe driving even in wet, unfavourable road conditions.

Sizes: From 15 to 18 inches

This summer tyre offered by Michelin is an excellent choice for demanding drivers. Top quality and excellent performance in any situation are the main advantages of premium tyres.

This new product for summer 2018 is a model designed for high-end cars. Why is it worth buying Michelin Primacy 4?

  • This tyre provides perfect protection against aquaplaning

  • It ensures effective braking on dry and wet roads

  • It guarantees safe driving in any conditions

  • The tread wears slowly and evenly

The product combines the most important features for drivers—low rolling resistance, which translates into fuel economy and high travelling comfort. Michelin Primacy 4 has a symmetrical tread pattern, optimised for durability and performance.

The tyre is divided into 4 wide grooves, which run around the tyre and perfectly remove water, even when driving during a heavy rain. Smaller incisions in the tread blocks are designed to make the driver confident and comfortable even at higher speeds. The tyre excellently keeps track, even during dynamic cornering.

To create the model, the engineers used a high-performance rubber blend, which is not only extremely durable, but also perfectly adapts to the ground. The tyre has a wear indicator, which is very helpful in assessing tyre condition and its replacement time.


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Primacy 4 Reviews

2016 BMW 320i 225/50/17 2014 VW GOLF 205/55/16 After the initial minutes of euphoria having the latest Michelin's on both of our cars I am now more doubtful about these tires. We have only driven ca 2200 km with the BMW and ca 1800 km with the VW, not much distance but on very various roads in just a few days and enough to have a good impression, it is similar impression with both cars. It's rather good tires on good roads, good grip in turns wet and dry, acceptable/good comfort on good roads, relatively low noise although there is an unusual, but modest, mechanical or metallic sound from these tires, it is not loud but a little unpleasant. The steering feel and handling is not quite as precis as I got used to with the other tire-brands, not at all a huge difference but I miss that little extra sense of road-feel and response. As soon as I left the tire dealer with the new Michelin's I noticed a little slippery unstable feeling basically at all the time at any speed and road surface, wet or dry on both cars. This little slippery feeling has not disappeared on any of the cars. It is difficult to explain, it must be experienced, it is as if there is a little wax or oil on these tires, it is very little and hardly noticeable, not a huge problem but it is always there and it's slightly annoying. Even on completely straight driving on highways there is this little sliding feeling, basically at any speed, it's very little but it's there, it's like the cars somehow are floating a little bit and never lands, the cars never really feel completely solid planted on the roads like with the other previous tire-brands. I never really drive the cars over the limits in turns but very near the limits, the grip is good with the Michelin's on good roads, it is possible to go fast in turns, but on both cars there is this for me an unusual little slippery unstable shaky or vibrating feeling near the limits, not much, but still, I never felt that with the other tire-brands near the limits and I felt that I had more control with those other brands, although the grip is good it makes me drive these Michelin's a little bit slower in turns even on good roads than with the other tire-brands. And on bad roads I have to slow down quite a bit with the Michelin's compared to my old tires, not so much a problem with the VW but still noticeable and unwanted, the BMW however is really bouncing around on bad roads with the Michelin's, it is uncomfortable and unstable, it does not feel safe at all. I can not explain this, if it had been a different tire dimension and bigger wheels then I could understand the bouncing but it is the same roads and the same cars with the same wheels and tire-sizes that I have driven with other tire-brands. The Michelin's are significantly more expensive than most other brands, I can not say anything about the wear because they are brand new, they do however in my opinion not excel at anything and their behavior on bad roads are not good. In general the Michelin's are good tires but they do not handle quite as good as my previous tires, very small differences but in favor of previous tires. My previous tires was Continental on BMW and Dunlop Sport BlueResponse on VW, good and stable tires with no particular fault except very high wear, I would still prefer any of them over the Michelin's.
CompareTyres user 2023
Replaced the Avon ZV7 225/45/17 on my Rover 75 CDTi. No sports car I know but I like the ride vs handling balance the car provides. I have only cover 500 miles, so early days. The Avon was a more positive drive giving away very little in any other way. Given the Michelin is almost 50% more expensive it has a lot of ground to make up over the remaining life to convince me not to return to the Avon
CompareTyres user 2023
Recently, I have elected to go with Michelin Primacy 4 tyres, replacing Pirelli P7. My first time in over 34yrs, I am using Michelin tyres. So far, I can honestly say, I am impressed, it has a firm grip/ride and quite. A guess, time will tell comparing to the P7.
CompareTyres user 2023