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A surprisingly good tyre given the rubbish eco-boxes that they're generally fitted to; good grip levels in both the dry and wet even when compared to the Michelin PS3's, premium vredestein's & continentals we've had on our other cars... The only downside is the lifetime... The fronts only have a couple of mm of tread left after 4500 miles.
CompareTyres User 2019
Came new with my Zoe. I have not rotated the tyres and I've found the fronts are now past it, however they've lasted 18,000 spirited miles. Wearing on outside shoulder and some of the blockwork is beginning to break up so I'll be changing out of safety than because they are too worn. If the shoulder and block had survived i don't doubt 20,000 would have been easily achievable. The back tyres are still like new. Biggest issue is price, £100 for what is basically a small, skinny tyre! Outrageous!
CompareTyres User 2019
I got this with a new Renault Zoe. Within 6 months I've had to replace 3 of them and fix one due to punctures. As a comparison to my previous car which I used for the same journey I've had one puncture in 4 years. They are so thin. Especially the sidewalls. I purchased generic replacements and they have lasted much better.

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