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  • The best grip in its class on wet or dry roads due to an asymmetric tread pattern and textured spines.
  • The new reference for tyre life and fuel saving.
Michelin Energy E3B Green is a specially designed summer tyre for city cars and MPVs. The most economical tyre of its kind, Energy E3B offers lower fuel consumption and less wear and tear. The tyre also features the best grip in its class on wet or dry roads due to an asymmetric tread pattern and textured spines and has been described as the new reference point for tyre life and fuel saving.
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Energy E3B Reviews

Can't fault these tyres! I also have a Focus Mk2 so have gone from Uniroyal Rainsport 2 on that car to Michelin Energy Saver + - I'm that impressed! Especially due to the small tyres/contact with the road they are great. The wife, who is cautious due to having a car write-off incident following a 360 slide in a car drives with the utmost confidence in this car with these tyres!! They were also fine in the recent snow (6 mm tread).
CompareTyres User 2019
An excelent tire at a high price. What would you expect, it's a michelin, of course it it good!! Trows water high.
CompareTyres User 2019
Went from Sava Effecta+ to this tyre. Amazing difference. This tires shoot water abou 1,5-2m tall on wet road and grip it and don't let go. Not as good on dry as I was expecting, but just slightly. Excelent tire non the less. It is a bit expensive, but it is well worth it. I never felt aquaplaning ever since I got this tires and I am very happy.

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