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Michelin CrossClimate is the world’s first summer tyre approved for use in winter. It bears the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) mark. It may also be used where it is compulsory to drive on winter tyres. If you travel on summer or winter tyres all year round, this model is also perfect for you.

The tyre is only produced in Europe, in two Spanish and two German factories.

The development process lasted as long as 3 years. The tyre was tested in 7 European countries at temperatures ranging from -30°C to 40°C. Before the model was marketed, it was tested on as many as 5 million kilometres, undertook 1,000 lab tests and the final touches were taken care of by as many as 150 people. The tyre may also be freely used in the countries where winter tyres are compulsory.

This model is a much more technologically advanced design than other all-season tyres. It is no surprise that in the tyre labelling system Michelin CrossClimate has obtained the highest A rating in terms of performance on wet surfaces. Both according to the criteria used for summer and winter tyres. The tyre has also received the highest grade concerning noise.

The highest labelling class was achieved thanks to, among other things, its advanced tread. The directional tread pattern is the best protection against aquaplaning (skidding on wet surfaces). The manufacturer has also fitted the tread with 3D sipes. Their arrangement resembles the structure of summer tyres, but the geometry is similar to that used on winter tyres. With all that, the width of the sipes changes depending on the conditions. Thanks to this, the tyre bites into the pavement, taking care of traction and appropriate stability on bends regardless of the conditions (also on slippery surfaces).

Apart from the 3D sipes, the tyre is provided with blocks having bevelled edges. They ensure a large tyre/surface contact area, meaning a short braking distance on different types of surface. Michelin CrossClimate is made from a flexible rubber compound. This is another element which improves the tyre’s behaviour on wet, dry and snowy roads. The silica used in the model reduces the heat emission in the tyre.

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CrossClimate Reviews

I am somewhat disappointed in these tyres, having previously had Conti Wintercontact TS850 and Nokian Weatherproof under me, these have not showed the same level of wet grip and wear as the Weatherproof. Tread depth is low from new and this may improve on dry braking and handling at the expense of long life. Over rated in my view for the most part.
CompareTyres User 2019
Purchased set of 4 Michelin CC in late October 2015. So 3 years old with 10.8k mileage mostly town with some M-Way in between. My recent MoT says tyre treads are OSF 5mm, NSF 5mm, OSR 5.5mm & NSR 5.5mm with the brand new tread being 7mm so just under half worn. Excellent road holding on all dry surfaces. Impressed with performance in the snow early 2018. In the wet generally very good. Noticed that when accelerating & turning sharply left in the wet the front tyres do give up a bit of grip & slip just a fraction before holding again. Just have to adjust my driving to avoid this happening. Always had Michelins on this Scenic so difficult to compare other than the tread patterns look different from memory. Driving on rough roads one does feel the feedback coming through the tyres. Would recommend until something surpasses them versus cost.
CompareTyres User 2019
Excellent tyre and they work on snow as well. They are certainly quieter than the Contis fitted originally to this car. Handling is great and wear is phenomenal (normal changing time on Contis is about 18k) - the dealers could not believe the mileage when I was in for a service. Combined with the car's 4-wheel drive, snow is no problem. Will definitely be buying these again.

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