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The presented tyre is marked with 3PMSF symbol (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake). It means that the tyre meets the EU requirements for winter tyres. The symbol is awarded after thorough tests of a tyre model in terms of snow grip.

Designed for city cars, MPVs and family cars. MICHELIN FULL ACTIVE TREAD The Full Active Tread improves traction, braking and stability in the most demanding conditions. Helio Compound + An innovative rubber mixture that improves grip and braking force, even on wet and icy roads. It helps you to drive in complete safety, in all weathers. MICHELIN EXPERTISE The new MICHELIN Alpin tyre is the most economical winter tyre; it gives you 35% more mileage than the market average. It benefits from all MICHELIN’s know-how in terms of rubber mixtures and tyre construction. ENERGY EFFICIENCY The presence of the GREEN X marking on the wall of a MICHELIN tyre is the guarantee of one of the best energy efficiency levels on the market. You reduce your fuel consumption and your CO2 emissions while benefiting from MICHELIN performances in terms of life span and safety. The MICHELIN Alpin delivers unrivaled performance in terms of grip, tread life and energy efficiency in all winter driving conditions, through rain, ice or snow. From a practical standpoint, the tire’s grip enables drivers to get moving 10% faster* than its predecessor and brake 5% shorter**, while it’s longer tread life means that the MICHELIN Alpin allows motorists to drive farther – up to one winter longer – than its leading major-brand competitors***. In addition to these two performance features, the new tire is also more fuel-efficient. Michelin’s latest winter car tire is a good illustration of the Group’s strategy, which is never to sacrifice one performance feature for another. This means improving performance in several different areas simultaneously, and therein lies the technical problem that Michelin has resolved. To achieve this performance balance, the new MICHELIN Alpin integrates advanced technologies, some of them derived from winter tires developed for the severe winter road conditions of the world’s northernmost regions. These “nordic” tires, like the MICHELIN X-ICE North introduced in 2009, enable drivers to take to the road even in the harshest winter driving conditions, on ice or snow – whether deep or freshly fallen, tightly packed or melting – and in temperatures ranging from 0° to -60° C. This technology transfer benefits motorists driving on the new MICHELIN Alpin tires, enabling them to remain in control of their vehicle at all times and vastly enhancing their confidence at the wheel. *Average performance on icy or snow-covered surfaces. Tests performed in 2010 by independent technical services firm TÜV SÜD Automotive on size 195/65 R15 T and 205/55 R16 H tires. **Average performance on wet, icy or snow-covered surfaces. *Tests performed in 2010 by independent technical services firm TÜV SÜD Automotive on size 195/65 R15 T and 205/55 R16 H tires; other tests conducted in-house. ***The MICHELIN Alpin A4 can be driven 35% farther on average than its main competitors. Tests performed in 2010 by independent technical services firm TÜV SÜD Automotive on size 195/65 R15 T and 205/55 R16 H tires. Safety is indeed a top priority for motorists when choosing their winter tires. According to a survey of more than 2,500 drivers in Germany, Russia and Sweden conducted by TNS Sofres*, safety is the most important purchase criterion, ranked first by 34% of participants. The same survey revealed that tread life is the second most important criterion when buying tires, chosen by 20% of respondents. These results clearly show that motorists want enhanced safety but at no additional expense. In 2008, TNS Sofres had already conducted a survey of a similar panel of motorists that helped to classify their winter worries and concerns**. In Germany and Sweden, for example, motorists are afraid of melting snow, since this layer of slush often hides icy patches. Russians, for their part, feel that compact snow and ice are the two most dangerous winter road hazards. Winter is evidently the most complicated season for drivers as conditions are varied, difficult and unstable. Roads may be dry or wet and covered with water, snow, ice or slush. Moreover, temperatures may be frigid or mild, and all of these conditions can change very quickly. Clearly, grip is the key issue. As the sole point of contact between the vehicle and the road, tires – and only tires – can provide a solution to these problems. And that’s just what the new MICHELIN Alpin does. But rather than just enhancing safety, Michelin tires uncompromisingly deliver across-the-board performance. Superior grip is combined with extended mileage and improved fuel efficiency, a guarantee that is backed by the GREEN X marking on the tire’s sidewalls. *Source: 2009 TNS Sofres study of 2,500 German, Swedish and Russian drivers. **2008 survey conducted by TNS Sofres of more than 2,200 motorists in Germany, Sweden and Russia. A dynamic tread and sunflower oil: the technical secrets behind the new MICHELIN Alpin In order for the fourth-generation MICHELIN Alpin to deliver unrivaled safety performance while also enabling cost-savings through longer tread life and low fuel consumption, Michelin developed an integrated solution based on two technological achievements. First, Michelin made adjustments in the tread developed in 2009 for the MICHELIN X-ICE North. Called Full Active Tread, the new tread features five distinct technical solutions. This part of the tire, which is in contact with the road, is designed to meet one simple objective: every square millimeter of the contact patch must actively help to deliver superior grip. As the wheel turns, the tire simultaneously adheres to wet asphalt, grips the ice, evacuates wet snow and provides enhanced stability thanks to its rigid tread blocks. Second, Michelin also developed a special rubber compound containing sunflower oil – called Helio Compound+ – that not only enhances grip on winter roads but also helps to increase mileage and ensure low fuel consumption.
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