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The Michelin Alpin 5 is a winter tyre with a high performance level on dry, wet and snow covered road surfaces.

Michelin's tyre features a new directional tread pattern. An increased number of tread blocks and more sipes lead to greater traction on the snow. The Helio Compound 4G contains sunflower oil, keeping the tyre supple and capable of good performance in freezing winter conditions.

Greater resistance to aquaplaning is achieved thanks to the design of the lateral grooves which disperse water from the path of the tyre quickly.

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Very good tyre, never let me down, awesome on rain, good handling, very soft under -0. Compared with Continental TS830 almost equal tyres.
since buying these winter tyres, i don't use anything else between October and April, the wet performance is outstanding, And in the snow is unbelievable, i dont need a 4x4 in snow anymore, they really are that good. if you drive sensibly, i dont see why they wouldnt last through the summer either, but i suspect if you push them when the roads are too hot and dry they wouldnt be able to handle it. i think they are best under 7 - 8 degrees celcius.
So much grip and feel in snow, wet roads and dry roads. No vibrations. Perfect winter tyre and well worth the money.

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185/50 R16 81H

F B 68
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195/65 R15 95H

E B 68
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205/45 R16 87H

F B 68
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205/60 R15 91H

E B 68
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215/45 R16 90V

E B 72
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Prices from:


215/60 R16 99H

C B 72
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215/65 R16 98H

C B 72
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Prices from:


225/60 R16 102V

C B 72
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