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If you know a thing or two about off-roading or cycling, you've heard of them - Maxxis tyres are produced by established Taiwanese brand Cheng-Shin...
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Victra Sport VS01 Reviews

It is a tire that had my doubts at first, but it was recommended to me by a tire shop and for now I am very happy, as for the value for money. The dry grip is very good and the curving behavior is excellent.
CompareTyres User 2019
Bought these tyres years ago as were fairly cheap n was really surprised at how well they performed, dry grip is brilliant and also wet grip is really good n I’m a very spirited driver, had a 550hp bmw n these were on the front, also a few other BMW’s I’ve had, on a mk4 golf n these were awesome now about to try on my Impreza as love these tires
CompareTyres User 2019
initial installation was really good tires and rims litterally didnt need weights to balance for my konig hypergrams freaked the tire shop guy out (i use hubcentric rings to make sure its perfect on car too) tires weren't noisy but you could hear it slightly with the windows down but its way overpowered by the wind or radio handled well and while my car is known to step out i could comfortably throttle steer it traction was there for my car the harder i cornered the harder it gripped into corners id litterally have to really push it at high speeds to lose traction on corners i could still easily break traction on my drive wheels which wore out really fast in my opinion but im doing lots of burnouts when the tires got past 70% they became very unpredictable in rain as most of the thread was gone but this is pretty much every single tire ever and it was the most fun time for me anyway, front tires held up very well i live in Jamaica an island in the Caribbean so we have a combination of really hot roads in poor condition as well as lots of new highways to stretch out the car on, i regularly commute through rain so ive been able to drive these tires on various terrains, bumpy roads weren't bad and i didnt have to slow down horribly my car is around 2850lbs so its not the heaviest and heavier cars would perform differently with these tires in my opinion

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