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If you know a thing or two about off-roading or cycling, you've heard of them - Maxxis tyres are produced by established Taiwanese brand Cheng-Shin...
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We had these put on our work car. Within weeks I had them removed as they were truly dangerous in the wet. Approaching a roundabout at walking pace the front tyres gave up grip. It was so surprising and humorous I kept trying it on different corners, same thing. I won't buy Maxxis tyres ever again except for my mountain bike (which are quite good).
CompareTyres User 2019
Good tires for city and highway driving. Very quite and responsive not to mention affordable. For us here who have only 2 weather conditions ( rainy and summer ), this tires works great for the budget.
CompareTyres User 2019
My second time on the same tires. Gives me 45,000 km on my first before i change them. The person said i still have around 10,000 on those old ones. Nevertheless better safe than sorry. Comfortable ride mostly on highways and city driving.

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