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If you know a thing or two about off-roading or cycling, you've heard of them - Maxxis tyres are produced by established Taiwanese brand Cheng-Shin...
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AT771 Bravo Series Reviews

I have never had such bad tyres in the wet as these Maxis 4x4 Bravos. They were on the swb Terrano when we bought it and they wear very well but we have to be extremely careful on tight bends due to the skidding back end. They are quite old I'm told but they have loads of tread on them but I replaced the fronts due to front skidding when braking in the wet and these rear ones will come off this weekend as I would say the situation is dangerous if the rear Bravos are left on. I spoke to an excellent motor engineer who's Merc skids in the wet and guess what his tyre brand is ?
CompareTyres User 2019
Amazing AT Tyres!!! highly recommend these as a full set. Why do I love them: 1. They handle the road really well for an AT tyre, I can still "drive" my car through corners with confidence. 2. Do extremely well on gravel roads. I used to have a 20km daily commute on gravel, with AWD they stick like glue. 3. Great grip on grassy hills, okay in mud and sand 4. With correct pressure and rotation and alignment every 10,000km I got 45,000km out of them. And that's with me 'driving' my manual Forester quite hard on windy tar-seal and gravel. Something we have a lot of in New Zealand. For an AWD vehicle this is a great result, my local dealer was well impressed. 5. For an AT tyre not much road noise 6. White lettering on the side walls helps beef up the look of the Forester :) Don't hesitate, you'll be pleased with this choice..
CompareTyres User 2019
Got 4 new for my shogun sport on the road and snow they are good but on mud they have let me down and i have been stuck, it was like I had slicks on with no grip

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