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Matador MPS 400 Variant ALL Weather 2

225/70 R15 112R

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About Matador MPS 400 Variant ALL Weather 2

Width: 225

Profile: 70

Rim Size: R15

Speed Rating: R

Load Index: 112

Fuel Efficiency: C

Wet Grip: A

Noise Level: 72 says...

Type: all-season tyre

Class: economy - attractive price and good performance

Intended use: light trucks

Tread: asymmetric - stability and grip at corners

Sizes: 15” to 16”

If you drive long journeys in a light truck on a daily basis, there will come a time when you will search for proven tyres. The Matador MPS400 Variant All Weather 2 is a model adapted to all-year driving. It features a high level of efficiency on dry, wet and snowy surfaces. Due to its properties, it ensures driving stability regardless of the weather conditions. The tread pattern resembles a ribbon. The central section includes a reinforced fixing strip, which provides directional stability and safety when cornering.

During rain, the MPS400 Variant All Weather 2 protects the vehicle against hydrodynamic skidding. The special arrangement of grooves in the asymmetric tread is responsible for dynamic drying of the tyre, and thus improves your safety. The model is trusted by drivers as regards winter conditions. The tyre perfectly bites into snowy roads, so the vehicle has a good grip and excellent traction level.

Information on the manufacturer: Matador is a brand from Slovakia. The company is specialised in the supply of economy-class tyres featuring optimum performance both on dry and wet roadways, an extended useful life and affordable price. All thanks to the extension of the product range and the use of modern production solutions. Many drivers all over the world regard Matador as one of the best brands in its segment. Presently, the company is part of Continental, one of the largest tyre companies in the world.

Matador MPS 400 Variant ALL Weather 2

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