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Cheaper to buy but well-known for their mid-range quality. From China, a standout amongst the most exceptional and quickest developing tyre marks in the UK,...
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I do not really feel qualified to write this review as I an not a retired Formula One driver like the other reviewers on here, nor do I drive my car like a stole it, whichi is another great phrase I enjoy to read. Despite my lack of driving skills I have not ended up in a ditch yet or had any real problems with these tyre, they are perhaps a little noisy but othe than that they are are a lot better than the Nankangs I had before.
CompareTyres User 2019
Had to replace all my tyres at each MOT test on yearly basis.
CompareTyres User 2019
I replaced some very worn Dunlop and Avon tyres on my 2001 BMW Z3 with Ladsail LS988 tyres, supplied and fitted by Uncle Tom in Harlow,Essex, UK. Extremely disappointed with the the wet grip of these tyres, bordering on dangerous. The back of the car slides on corners a bends at relativity slow speeds. Luckily I have been able to correct the slide without a collision. I'm sure a touch of the breaks would cause a spin. The old worn out tyres gripped much better. i would have replaced these tyres with a better known make, but as I only do a couple of thousand mile a year in this car I just avoid using it in winter or wet conditions.

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