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Cheaper to buy but well-known for their mid-range quality. From China, a standout amongst the most exceptional and quickest developing tyre marks in the UK,...
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LS588 UHP Reviews

I bought these tyres for 240euros.I am very happy because i think that it is best value for money.I do not know for how many kilimeters will be in good condition.Low noise tyres and very comfort set.
CompareTyres User 2019
My car is not a sports car.It is an audi a6 avant 3.0tdi.So its a big heavy car.Wheels are pretty big 19inch.So i go to the local tyre place and ask for two tyres.Just under 400 pounds WHAT?.So i start doing a little research and up pops landsail ls588.In a blind tyre test it did ok against all the big names.I bought four tyres for 220pounds.Ive been to germany twice cruised at 150mph.Tyres are nice and quiet and have lasted well.My question is where in this day and age can you put your high price tyres through their paces .You cant too much traffic so why would i spend nearly a grand .I love fast cars and yes if i were living where there was little or no traffic and i had a porsche of course i would spend the money.But for day to day driving around town and the occasional road trip there great.
CompareTyres User 2019
Needed to replace the horrible Bridgestone Turanza’s and having done some research on Landsail, thought I’d give these a punt. My car is now more comfortable to drive and soaks up the road ruts better, far less noise than the Bridgestone’s and the LS588s provide good steering feel from town, country and motorway roads. I drive within the limits of the law and it’s only a 1.4 Ibiza, but now it’s just better to drive than before. There are some impressive videos on You Tube about Landsail and I’d recommend watching them. Costs are amazingly good value, basically I bought x4 tyres online, paid for fitting and alignment for less than x2 premium brand tyres. Also, the Quality of these tyres is very good with their respective C/fuel and B/wet and only 68Db. All in all, a good decision. (Cannot comment on wear as not been on the car long).

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