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Landsail LS388 are tyres for medium class, compact, city cars. The model is intended for the summer season and is classified as economy . It will appeal to drivers who are looking for tyres at an affordable price. By buying Landsail tyres, you gain new, full-fledged equipment whilst not overspending your budget.


Landsail LS388 tyres are equipped with a symmetrical tread pattern. This classic solution enables a good grip on both dry and wet conditions . At the same time, such tyres are relatively quiet during rolling and are wear-resistant . This set of features makes the model an ideal choice for drivers with a normal, moderate driving style, who do not need a high level sports performance.


If you look at the details, you will notice that the surface of the tread has deep circumferential grooves that are involved in the process of draining water protecting against aquaplaning . On the other hand, the smooth central rib improves steering precision and facilitates manoeuvring .


Landsail is an Asian tyre brand, which has made an incredible entrance into the European market. The manufacturer managed to get a perfect compromise between good performance and attractive pricing of products. Their tyres are exported to over 100 countries in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. It is worth mentioning that the factory they are produced in, was built by western standards . All the machines were imported from Germany, USA and Japan. This enables the production of tyres at the highest level. Due to the dynamic development of the brand, the owner is preparing to enter the aircraft tyres market.

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LS388 Reviews

Got a pair of these on the front of my old workhorse Pug around June last year. The car's used mainly for business, carrying stock and tools, and regularly has it's load carrying abilities pushed to the limit. Since then it's covered 11k miles of local (country roads), some town work, and 3 or 4 long distance motorway trips, including a couple fully loaded with camping gear and with a trailer attached. Frankly, the tyres were chosen because they were cheap. I didn't expect much from them but needed a couple as the old ones were getting low. I've always taken the view that ditch-finders don't find ditches unless you go looking for them, but these certainly aren't ditch-finders despite only costing about £40 each fully fitted and balanced! Within a few miles of having them fitted I noticed that they were appreciably quieter than the old Goodyears and seemed at least as responsive. I tend not to intentionally push the grip limits on public roads but did put these "through their paces" just to get an idea of how they'd react. Grip is plentiful for cornering and braking - they happily gave just over 90% straight-line-dry brake efficiency (measured by Tapley) before complaining and cope well with damp roads and standing water (common around these parts!). Pushed to the limit they give a nice gentle warning back through the wheel, followed by a bit of a squeal, and will regain grip easily unless you just keep pushing. Admittedly, some of their ability with standing water will be down to the very narrow width by today's standards but that's the size I needed! Haven't had much of a chance to try out their cold / snow / ice performance but, on the 2 or 3 icy days we've had since, I've had no problem with traction or control even on re-frozen snow "the morning after" an unexpected couple of inches. Comfort is good, undoubtedly helped by the high (again, by today's standards) profile and noise, as mentioned earlier, has remained pleasantly low - a definite benefit when your car's not as soundproof as most are today! The one slight downside is that they have a slightly soft compound so wear rates aren't great. That soft compound probably explains a lot of their positive characteristics but, in 11k miles, they've used up about 4mm of tread so will probably end up lasting around 18k miles total. That said, that's on the front, driven, wheels of a fairly heavy diesel that's been used to carry considerable loads around twisty local roads and on motorway at multi-lepton speeds. As to the "would I buy again" questions - I've just replaced the rears with a pair of the same.
CompareTyres User 2019
Needed some tyres to get through an MOT in a hurry, the garage had these in stock and they came recommended. Was shocked to discover just how inferior they are compared to the badly worn Barum Bravuris 3HM's that were fitted previously. In dry conditions, they are OK, just noisy at motorway speeds. But it is in wet conditions that these tyres truly let themselves down. Traversing a roundabout in even in the most lightly moist of conditions is akin to sliding across an ice rink, (unless driving at funeral procession speeds is your thing), and don't even think about pulling away briskly at a junction, unless you want to induce instantaneous wheel spin. Even giving it the beans in third or fourth will have these tyres squabbling for grip on a damp road. In recent years, I've had vastly superior tyres than these for the money, in fact, these are on par, if not worse than the budget specials I once bought when I was a broke student. Never again for me.
CompareTyres User 2019
My Sest Alhambra uses front tyres every 10,000 miles, whether they are cheap or premium tyres. I was pleasantly surprised that the cheap Landsail lasted 13,000. They have handled fine in all kinds of weather. I haven't seen any ditches in the last year, so don't believe the negative reviews. Fuel economy is just as good as with all previous tyre brands I've tried. So ... I've just put another pair on the front.

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