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Cheaper to buy but well-known for their mid-range quality. From China, a standout amongst the most exceptional and quickest developing tyre marks in the UK,...
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I've put a set of 4 new of these after my factory fitted Goodyears EfficientGrip tyres. As a budget tyres I was expecting them to be much less grippy then my previous premium brand tyres but they aren't at all. They seem to have similar grip levels both dry and wet (they seem obviously more grippy then the Goodyears but they are new and my old tyres were seriously bald. Almost down to the canvas), they are definitely quieter and more comfy over road imperfections then Goodyears but the side wall is much more balloony and the car seems to have more body roll with these on. I think the side to side grip is better but breaking performance is a bit worse? All in all they have exceeded my expectations by far and unless you are thinking about fitting them to a performance car, I don't think you can beat them at this price range (I've paid £50 fitted and balanced per tyre). Excellent budget tyres.
CompareTyres User 2019
Very poor tyres. Had them just under 3 years. Still loads of tread left on them but there are loads of cracks now to the point where I am having to replace. My advice don't buy cheap they don't last.
CompareTyres User 2019
I put 4 of these on my Porsche Cayenne 4.5S and they have lasted 12000 miles. They are still legal but the outer edges on the front ones are wearing a bit thin, but that is expected on such a heavy car. The rear ones have 2 to 3mm but I am changing all 4. I think for a budget tyre they are excellent.

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