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The Kumho WinterCraft WP51 is a winter tyre that has been optimised in design and construction to ensure that the performance of your vehicle does not suffer when driving in freezing conditions.

The tyre features a 3D snow sipe design - these sipes create added grip by 'biting' into the snow or ice, helping to deliver greater traction. The WinterCraft WP51 is also capable of dispersing water from the tyre's tread path quickly thanks to the use of lateral grooves in the tyre's tread design.

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I highly recommend these tires. These tires have the highest price/performance ratio and does not differ from any expensive brand.
Recently fitted two of these to the rear of my vehicle replacing the summer tyres that were on(two Michelin winters were already on the front).Within 10 miles I knew I was going to have to swap them to the front. These kumos suffer from a trate that other mid range winter tyres have which is the way the tread block initially moves when steering input is applied, something Michelin manages to avoid. The feeling is unnerving to say the least and if the inputs are exaggerated the back of the car can be made to slide at relatively low speeds,this at a temperature of around 2/3 degrees,so the temperature a winter really should be starting to work. In fact the summer hankook's were far better. Fitting to the front resulted in a poorer turn in and more understeer but ultimately safer than oversteer. Stopping in ice and frost is decent enough but again not a patch on the Michelin's. Can't comment on bone dry surface performance or wear as yet obviously due to lack of miles covered. Result is spend 40 percent more and get Michelin alpin 4 or 5's fitted.
Was driving these tyre for around 6k km fitted on a Mercedes E220D without any safety systems. On dry road the tyres feel really solid. They have really stiff sidewalls and handle potholes well. Feedback was much better than my Fulda ecocontact HP. Wet grip in cornering is okey, but when you have to stop or go these kumhos are bad. Such a low powered car could easily break traction. In snow they were awesome, the car went nearly everywhere. On icy roads it was really good for a non-studded tyre. For 6k km there is hardly any noticeable wear. I think they will easy last around 35-40k km. Comfort was decent. They are good tires for this price, but I would like to try sth new.

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