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  • All-season tyre designed to offer assured handling throughout the year.
  • Multiple sipes in the tread aid performance in snow.
  • Directional tread design reduces aquaplaning.
  • Provides a comfortable ride.
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Solus VIER KH21 Reviews

Definitely the worse tire I've ever tried. In braking and cornering their whistle is so loud that seems you're always at the limit.. indeed the limit with this tires comes really soon. But the real problem comes on the wet after about 5000 miles of use: the grip is terrible..and not in the sense that you have a poor grip but that the grip changes dramatically at each change of asphalt! to give an example: you are treading a wet corner at 60 mph, the next one has the same breadth but with different asphalt and sometimes happens that if you don't reduce to 45 mph your speed you can be sure to slip out, while all the other vehicles on your front are keeping the same speed with no problems!! Once I save only thanks to the handbrake! I add that the grip on the snow after 5000 miles is about the same of a normal summer tire.. I hope my set was defective, if not I ask myself how Kumho can sell a so dangerous product. Thrown in the trash..
CompareTyres User 2019
Got them from our local dealer as just a fiver more than internet and slow to run in as hard ride but now softened up . So ordered two for front to replace croos climates which have been good but worn quickly .I like to get to my cutomers in most conditions sand have long chapioned all season tyres for normal driving as getting to destination is the prime directive ! Used to run ecsts

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