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Kumho tyres are based in South Korea. Kumho Tyre (Tire) export tyres worldwide, and have a global network of sales organisations. It has been selected... says...

Features The SOLUS KH15 is a symmetrically patterned tyre giving well balanced performance in a wide range of driving conditions. The range currently extends to some 70 sizes to fit everything from super-minis to large saloons and estates. Four straight grooves for maximum aquaplaning resistance. Streamlined centre tread blocks for highspeed stability and good water drainage. Shoulder blocks aligned for minimum noise combined with high lateral traction and good mileage performance. Sipe density and geometry optimised by supercomputer for excellent braking on wet and dry roads

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Solus KH15 Reviews

Bought the i20 from new with Kumho tyres. After 23500 miles, mostly dual carriage way and motorway, they still had 2 - 3 mm of tread left. Generally I found them very good, even in the snow! The only negative comment was the road noise. Running my second i20 now, fitted with Hankook tyres, road noise is definately reduced. Would I buy them again? Probably.
CompareTyres user 2023
Bought a Kia Picanto 2014 brand new, came with Kumho tires. Since new, the tires slip a lot when youre pushing on your throttle, even in low revs. My city has a lot of hills and sloped stop lights, and the traction is not very good when starting to accelerate uphill. Everytime you start moving they will slip, specially if the floor is wet. However, they do no slip for a lot of time, 1 second aftewards it has traction again. But it is annoying that every time you try to start moving, it happens. Does a good job on handling, but sometimes you feel that youre pushing too hard on the tires, about to loose control and actually youre just going about 50km/h on a curve, slightly oversteering I guess. Noise is quite hard, and comfort isnt too good, specially when driving on bumpy roads. I have driven in dirt, pavement and many country side roads with good results afterall. The thing that gets my nerve the most about these tires is the weardown. 22 000 km for these stock tires. Really sucks, I believe that it is because of all that slipping when trying to start from a traffic light. Also, got a flat tire after 2 weeks of using them, not a very big sharp object pierced through one of the tires. Im impressed that some people say they got 60 thousand km from them. very low-average tire in my opinion...
CompareTyres user 2023
its a midrange tire.. just for family car.. not bad!
CompareTyres user 2023