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Kumho tyres are based in South Korea. Kumho Tyre export tyres worldwide, and have a global network of sales organizations. It has been selected to... [Read more] says...
  • Massive lugs provide huge traction in mud and off-road.
  • Tread is highly resistant to cutting and chipping.
  • Solid centre blocks provide quiet and comfortable on-road driving.
  • Gradation groove allows for rapid mud drainage.
  • Mud and Snow marking.
The Road Venture MT KL71 is designed for light trucks, and has been developed for drivers looking for an Off-Road geared tyre that offers exceptional traction while maintaining a quality ride on-road. Is designed to combine exotic looks that are desired by many 4x4 and SUV owners, great off-road capabilities in larger rim diameter sizes.

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Norway, Arctic Russia, Siberia, Kazakhstan steppe...all in winter, these tyres managed everything I threw at them...only had to go to chains in the deepest off-road snow...Noisy on the tarmac but then my truck is modified with little soundproofing...Handled the sand and stone of the central deserts of Syria, Turkey, and Jordan's Wadi Rum easily...mud and wet sand with ease...My truck is for expeditions first, road driving second so I can't say whether they would be any use on a suburban SUV but if you want a 30% road 70% off-road tyre...then this beats all comers.
i just but these on Kuhmo KL71 285/75/16 and i'm very impressed. i drove across the cape from kowanyama to cairns on them yesterday, the 1st 200 k were in a storm and and on wet gravel and mud at 38psi was a bit slippery on the newly topped gravel.but ate the mud for breakfast. once i got to the dry high speed dirt and gravel. they were fantastic. bends where i'd normally be tip toeing round and tailing out at 70kph i was taking at 90 with ease and holding firm. when i got to cairns it was raining again but going down the kuranda range was like driving in the dry; on the trip back 1 dropped my tyre pressure to 28psi when i got to the wet gravel and what i found slippery earlier in the day, i had no trouble with. easily the best tyre i've ever had or driven on off road or on a 4wd on road
these are great tyres just bought another set foe my landrover defender but gone bigger size good on and off road

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