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This tyre boasts a directional tread pattern with four circumferential grooves. This breaks from the solid V-shaped tread blocks traditionally seen on most directional tyres to increase stability and grip in wintery conditions.

Its rubber compound has a high silica content, keeping the tyre supple enough to key into the road – even on snow and ice. In motion, the directional pattern creates a natural gravity pushing any water out from between the tyre and the road. This results a higher resistance to aquaplaning as the diamond-shaped tread blocks dig through the water to the road surface, creating a better contact patch between tyre and road. High arching sipes surround the directional tread pattern and seem to sweep over each shoulder tapering along the sidewall to help the tyre’s cornering and stability.

Overall, an excellent tyre in any weather, quiet, durable with great handling and traction.

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Bought two of those and put them on front side of my Renault Kangoo. Went couple of times on longer distances and had no problems. Safe tyres with solid performance. Speaking about safety, well the unidirectional tread pattern reduces the risk of aquaplaning and that can be useful. Snow feedback: silica based compound improves traction on snow covered roads. KW7400's have good road holding on wet or dry roads. It's a good deal for low price.

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