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KR23 Reviews

I mostly used on highway and got it over 90,000km and still can use at least another 15,000km before I change to Toyo PROXES CF2. City drive is okay but on highway especially wet road condition can feel it float on water rather than cut through. The tire feel is hard and not comfort. Overall if you are city drive and not a racer, don't see another wrong with it but if you can spend a bit more for a more comfortable and safety tire. Why not then..
CompareTyres user 2023
My mechanic put these on, because I forgot to remind him I prefer a mid range. They are the worst tyres I have ever had. My Kia 1.5 diesel puts down a lot of power in first, and these tyres cannot cope when pulling away unless you are going straight. At roundabouts and t junctions they are prone to spinning even in the dry, and it is impossible to avoid that from happening in the wet. Twice I have almost lost control on a roundabout. luckily at low speed. I would steer clear of these, they are unsafe.
CompareTyres user 2023
I am a customer from India and recently I changed my tyres to Kenda Radial Komet KR23 on my Duster RXL [215/65/R16]. This is my first review after 1200 KMs drive. The drive includes combined road conditions with highways and village roads. Dry Grip:- Tires have very high road grip and it impacts fuel efficiency as well. On my previous Apollo Apterra, Vehicle was well enough to give a FE of 20 KMPL on Diesel on highways. But now it doesn't give more than 18KMPL now. But It may change with reduced luggage and improved fuel quality. Wet Grip:- On rainy days, I was comfortable at speeds 80 KMPH and on braking, vehicle responded very well. But didn't experience any emergency braking so far. Noise and comfort:- The tires have surprisingly very low noise on any road condition. Provides excellent passenger comfort on potholes and humps. Steering response and cornering [ I never avoid a chance for cornering ] grips are awesome. From my experience with 5 days driving, I like the tires except on the Fuel Efficiency. I would like to hear on the fuel efficiency, if anybody experienced the same. My review is based on my experience with Apollo Apterra and I have taken in account the reduced pricing of Kenda Radial Komet KR23. Your vehicle may perform better with other brand tires. Apollo was excellent for road grip, comfort and cornering in the initial days and when it came to end of tire life [40K - 52K], the tires were really bad on passenger comfort,Braking and handling [with tread remaining]
CompareTyres user 2023