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If you are looking for summer tyres that provide balanced performance on any type of surface, extended operation and short braking distances, regardless of the weather, then Kenda KR-20 would be the right solution for you. The tyre has a directional tread pattern with V-shaped grooves. They facilitate the evacuation of water ensuring effective tread drying and protection against aquaplaning.

Engineers working on the tyre focused also on extending its operational lifetime. This results from a balanced distribution of forces acting on the tread surface, which makes the wearing process slow and uniform. As a result, you may enjoy full performance without worrying about driving safety and comfort, regardless of the mileage and tyre age. Kenda KR-20 is based on a rubber compound with the addition of silica which is responsible for maintaining sufficient flexibility over a wide temperature range. As a result, the driving process is stable and safe irrespective of weather conditions or road surface. Thanks to the mixture’s low weight, it is also responsible for a reduction in rolling resistance. This provides lower fuel consumption and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. As a result, Kenda KR-20 is not only ecological, but also economical in operation.

Kenda is a company that specialises in the production of economy tyres. They provide good value for money, extended operation and balanced performance in different weather conditions. Innovative materials and advanced manufacturing technologies make Kenda tyres increasingly popular among drivers around the world. The factories owned by the company produce tyres for passenger cars, motorcycles, buses, agricultural machinery and specialised industrial machines.

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KR20 Reviews

I inherited an old Rover 45TD with a set of these things and having always used premium brands previously I was quite impressed by the dry performance even though the noise levels were excessive but most of all they looked good but 10k through the summer and no complaints. Then it rained, not heavily but on several accasions on a damp/wet road the front end has lets-go all-too easily to the point where I would consider them dangerous (All 3 incidents were below 30mph - 2 x pulling up for a junction and 1 x drifting gracefully across a downhill junction) I am about to scrap 4 "good" tyres and put-on a set of premiums which is as expensive but nowhere near as bad as ploughing into a ditch/car/child These things are dreadful in the wet.
CompareTyres user 2023
I have these tyres fitted to my Skoda Fabia vRS diesel. Dry grip with them is average, they stick ok but you dont get much feedback or precision from the steering. Braking is fine in the dry even with big brakes stopping from high speeds. Traction is also acceptable. The biggest downside is when the roads get wet! They are terrible. The car is very unstable and is actually scary to drive at any normal speed. I have to take corners and roundabouts very slowly, was following a lorry around a bend at around 15 mph and the back end of the car stepped out slightly. Traction wise in the wet I cant use full throttle until 4th gear as they just spin and the traction control goes mad. Braking is not too bad however they do grip ok in a straight line. They are also extremely noisy and give a harsh ride.I will never be using these tyres again, just changed to Goodyear Eagle F1 A3 and they are soooo much better.
CompareTyres user 2023
It is an Aggressive tread design that provides excellent traction and management These tires have big or thick Shoulder lugs for grasping the road for cornering grip and also a sleek face that is broad. Evacuating water is usually not a effective point of this type of tire. They are Made out of a milder rubber Chemical that assists grip but wears out fast. Functionality Kenda Tires are usually short lived.
CompareTyres user 2023