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Hankook is one of the world's largest and fastest growing tyre manufacturers for innovative, high-quality and high-performance radial tyres for passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs,... says...

Hankook Ventus S-1 Evo2 K-117 is a medium-class summer tyre intended for passenger cars. The model ensures excellent driving both on dry and wet surfaces, as well as good driver-tyre communication. The tyre features an asymmetrical tread pattern consisting of two independent sections. Each of them is responsible for a different type of performance, so the tyre ensures balanced parameters no matter the weather or type of road. The optimised circumferential grooves guarantee fast water drainage from under the tyre, resulting in the effective drying of the tread. This helps to reduce the risk of aquaplaning and ensures safe and smooth driving.

The engineers who designed Hankook Ventus S-1 Evo2 K-117 took care to give even distribution of pressures acting on the tyre structure. As a result, the tread wears out slowly and evenly which allows the use of the full spectrum of performance during the life of the tyre. Hankook Ventus S-1 Evo2 K-117 was created using a modern rubber compound featuring flexibility in a wide range of temperatures. This increases the tyre-surface contact area, which consequently improves the grip. Apart from its flexibility, the compound features a lower weight, which allowed to reduce rolling resistance. This translated into a decrease in fuel consumption and CO2emissions. Hankook Ventus S-1 Evo2 K-117 meets the expectations of all drivers who want their every-day tyres to perform excellently on any type of surface, to have a long, useful life and also to be reliable.

Hankook is a Korean company supplying the market with medium-class tyres. Their products are executed to a high quality, feature high rated parameters no matter the weather and all provide a comfortable drive. The enterprise offers tyres intended for passenger cars, light trucks, lorries, race cars and 4x4 vehicles. Hankook was founded in 1941.

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Ventus S1 EVO 2 K117 Reviews

On a 2016 Kia Sportage. Around 6mm after 5,000 miles so wearing well, surprising level of grip in both wet and dry. Not really up to much off road grip wise, but take the punishment without getting damaged. An all round really good tyre, would recommend
CompareTyres User 2019
15000 miles and rear tyres still 3my. For a very heavy car that’s really. These are much cheaper than Continentals ( even cheaper than VOL ones!) and I can’t tell the difference. Would buy again from my independent tyre dealer
CompareTyres User 2019
Put the Hankook Ventus on my Range Rover sport from tyre specialist advice and got 9000km before tyres were destroyed. Hankook have washed there hands on the matter. Never buy Hankook again there warranty and backup service is disgusting.

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