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Hankook is one of the world's largest and fastest growing tyre manufacturers for innovative, high-quality and high-performance radial tyres for passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs,... [Read more] says...

The Hankook Ventus Price 3 K125 is a premium car tyre, the latest member of the renowned Ventus range.

Four circumferential grooves have been used in the tyre’s tread pattern – these work to quickly remove surface water from the tyre’s path – reducing the risk of the car aquaplaning. The Ventus Prime 3 is developed with an asymmetric tyre tread pattern for a 10% increase in the amount of contact between the tyre and the road.

Constructing the tyre with dual stiffness along the outer ribs of the tyre and introducing a solid outside block the Ventus Prime 3 remains stable at high speeds and in corners.

Hankook have constructed the Ventus Prime 3 with a Visual Alignment Indicator (VAI) system to allow motorists a quick way to check the wheel alignment of their tyres.

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Have been driving Hankook Ventus Prime 3 on all four corners for more than 4 000 miles now and I suppose I can say a couple of things about them. Got them new ,replacing Michelin Primacy 3 which were already with 30 000 miles under thei belt and were showing signs of wear and slipping while breaking on wet. Internet advertising on the part of the seller was what brought me onto Hankook. Mainly their price. It was 52 euros per tire.Hawing a previously bad experience with an expensive winter Continental TS 850 I decided to try the budget end of the spectrum. I was not wrong. It is a good tire allround. Bearing in mind that a 4000 miles is not a long mileage to be assertive in claiming something . The wear of the tires is even on all tires and it is not significant , just as you would expect for more than 4 000 miles . The only thing tha is obvious and you can hear it now is NOISE. It started being noticeable just after 2500k but it si becoming an issue.If you are used to less noise on a good street,you start to notice it regularly. Thusfar it is the only negative thing to report about the Hankook Ventus Prime 3. I will update this review as the miles go on and I have more on the quality of the tires. tires
I bought them in March this year with about 52 euro / piece and I made about 10,000 km. From the comfort point of view, silent, good adhesion on both wet and dry. I am very pleased with them, I recommend them and I would buy them again.
I've been through various brands of tyres on the car which were OK but the difference with these is amazing. With emergency stops the ABS hardly switches on (wet and dry) with super short stopping distances. They have a solid feeling with excellent road feedback but without being uncomfortable and the road sound is OK and not a problem. I didn't know that tyres could be this good and make so much difference to a car.

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