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The Hankook Optimo K415 is a high-performance tyre with superb wet/dry handling performance.

The tyre features four straight grooves which have been optimised to ensure effective water drainage from the tyre's path.

The K415's centre rib block enhances handling and braking whilst the tyre's shoulder block multi-kerfs provide you with a very smooth ride.

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Optimo K415 Reviews

An excellent all round summer touring tyre for a four cylinder FWD sedan. The car has been driven all roads from Express ways to hard rock and muddy goat tracks in four southern Australian states. Limited used in snow but performed quite well. Removed with 2-3 mm tread remaining as the winter wet has arrived. The best steel belted radial touring car tyres I have ever purchased. (Retired Auto Mechanic)
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Very good tires, comfort, low noise, average price, long lasting
CompareTyres User 2019
Came as standard fit on my Kia Sportage 1.7. They are good in the dry from new and very quiet. The tread grooves are different depth, so the tyre starts with a good profile but at 23000 km the "thin" grooves have disappeared from the front tyres and they looked like semislicks despite having in theory 4mm left. They lost grip completely in the wet and cold, gave me a good scare and were promptly replaced by Michelin Crossclimate Plus. The rear ones were still nearly new, probably to do with my car being FWD, I would say the fronts wear 5 times faster than the rears. I currently rotate, putting the Michelin at the front in winter to give me better traction and braking, and the Hankooks at the front from spring until autumn so I wear them down and replace them with another pair of 4 season tyres. Would not recommend them.

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