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From reading your reviews it looks like there are a lot of drivers who shouldn't be behind the wheel a lot of whiners out there
CompareTyres User 2019
Had them on my 91 bmw dont tack on the road car weaved in lanes high speed things got worse went back to the dealer I paid for wheel alignment rebuilt the front control arms thinking the age of the car did wheel alignment again ,started on the rebuild of the rear and swapped the wheels to my 01 bmw and what you know the same sh*t I couldnt believe it, had the tires to long to take back stay away from these tires just Dangerous only good for a bonfire
CompareTyres User 2019
Tire that does not fit for anything ... Totally uncomfortable, it even becomes hard and like a rock, noisy. As for safety it is medium ... Using a day-to-day driving style has medium braking distances and grip in the wet and dry both medium. Accuracy of direction and sensitivity of the road absolutely nothing. As for the wear, impressive ... I have never seen anything like it, they lasted almost 50k miles and they still rode more. replaced because the discomfort was already unbearable. I put some Nexen, a little more expensive, but a thousand times better in everything (except in the wear, I think I'll never see anything like this XD). I did not buy this tire, invest in something a little better. Believe me, the comfort of this tire is terrible ...

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