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Goodride SA37 245/35 R18 92W

Tyre features:


Width: 245

Profile: 35

Rim Size: R18

Speed Rating: W

Load Index: 92

Fuel Efficiency: E

Wet Grip: B

Noise Level: 72

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Information on the tyre:

Tyre info: If you are looking for summer tyres that will ensure your safety both out on the road and in the city, Goodride SA-37 could be the one for you. Thanks to a modern tread and the right kind of components, this model works in all weather conditions and ensures safe handling on different surfaces.

This model is based on a elastic compound that adapts to the prevailing temperature. As a result, the tyre always adheres its maximum surface area to the road. The compound has one important feature - reduced weight. Since the model is lighter, rolling resistance is reduced. All this translates into extra mileage for the price of tanking up.

The application of a symmetric tread pattern means that, no matter if it’s rainy or dry, this tyre maintains maximum performance. Four wide central grooves efficiently discharge water and mud from the front tyres to guarantee the fast drying of the tyre surfaceand, as a result, protection against aquaplaning. A multitude of grooves and notches improve traction, facilitating cornering and traction during sudden manoeuvres. An important role is also played by a solid central rib, stabilizing the tyre and allowing you to drive with excellent precision.

Designers working on the tyre have focused on the comfort of the driver and passengers. By developing a special tread pattern, the noise emitted while operating Goodride SA-37 tyres is effectively muffled.

Goodride is a brand of tyres owned by Hangzhou Zhongce, which supplies the market with models designed for different kinds of cars. Their products use innovative technologies and high quality materialsand have won the trust of drivers around the world. Goodride tyres are categorised as economy because of their value for money balanced with optimum durability. This is a solid solution for all drivers who prefer calm driving or commuting mainly in city traffic.

Goodride SA37
  • Established for 25+ years
  • Free balancing, disposal, valves

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