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225/55 R16 95W


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About Fulda SportControl

Width: 225

Profile: 55

Rim Size: R16

Speed Rating: W

Load Index: 95

Fuel Efficiency: E

Wet Grip: B

Noise Level: 68

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Information on the tyre:

Fulda SportControl is a summer tyre designed for high-performance vehicles. It allows for use at full performance for every sport car. With the use of progressive tread blocks, the model ensures an even distribution of pressures on the entire tyre-surface contact area. As a result, even at high speeds the drive is confident and cornering is precise and stable.

The light structure of the tyre allows for a reduction in fuel consumption. This is thanks to limited rolling resistance which was achievable due to the special rubber compound used to produce the tyre, and consequently the development of a unique tread structure. The lower rolling resistance means, not only a reduction in fuel consumption, but also a limited carbon dioxide footprint. The asymmetric tread pattern performs excellently on wet surfaces, so you can enjoy maximum performance regardless of the weather and driving speed. The unique rubber compound based on silica, combined with special Aqua Flow grooves, helps to shorten the braking distance by up to 3 metres compared to competitive tyres of the same class. The tread has been additionally optimised to obtain even wear across the whole surface. Consequently, the tyre features a longer lifespan and operates more smoothly and quietly. This model is the perfect solution for the drivers who appreciate a dynamic drive regardless of the road and weather conditions.

Fulda is a German manufacturer whose history dates back to 1900. Presently, the brand owned by Goodyear group produces tyres designed for passenger cars, 4x4 vehicles, light trucks, agricultural vehicles, lorries, and vintage tyres intended for old vehicles. Every year, Fulda's production lines supply 10 million tyres, which are distributed to customers all over the world. In recent years, the brand has put a particular focus on ecology, both during the production processes and the use of their products.

Fulda Sportcontrol
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