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Fulda tyres are a German brand that specialises in the production of tyres for passenger cars, delivery vans and lorries, including summer tyres, winter tyres... says...

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The Fulda Multicontrol is the ideal solution for anyone who values a balanced performance all year round and who does not want to have to worry about seasonal tyre changes. This model is Fulda's first all-season tyre. It guarantees an excellent grip on wet surfaces, whatever the weather, and offers guaranteed driving safety on dry and wet roads. The tyre maintains its flexibility during the colder months, whereas in summer it offers guaranteed rigidity and resistance to wear.

The tyre features a directional tread pattern that provides excellent drivability on wet surfaces and snow. The V-shaped MultiControl grooves improve the dispersal of water and slush, guaranteeing driving stability. The model features additional edges for improved grip on snow and 3D Bubble Blades, which reinforce the tread when driving on dry surfaces.

The Fulda Multicontrol is noted for its long lifetime, which can be attributed to its optimised tread surface. This ensures even wear and lets you take advantage of its full range of performance features throughout the tyre's lifetime.

Use of a special polymer compound ensures good summer and winter performance and guaranteed grip in challenging weather conditions by increasing the area of contact between the tread and the road and adjusting to the current temperature.

The Fulda Multicontrol offers guaranteed driving comfort, whatever the weather. Tyre noise is reduced thanks to a specially profiled tread combined with a compound which dampens vibrations. This means a quieter journey both outside and inside the vehicle.

Fulda is a mid-range brand famous for its outstanding value for money. The company belongs to the Goodyear Group, which means that it has access to a wealth of innovative technologies, state-of-the-art materials and a well-established distribution network. The brand is named after the German city of Fulda where the company was founded.

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