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Fulda tyres are a German brand that specialises in the production of tyres for passenger cars, delivery vans and lorries, including summer tyres, winter tyres... says...

The presented tyre is marked with 3PMSF symbol (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake). It means that the tyre meets the EU requirements for winter tyres. The symbol is awarded after thorough tests of a tyre model in terms of snow grip.

Fulda Kristall Montero is a medium winter tyre. The tyre offers a very good grip on snow, mud and wet and dry surfaces. This ensures protection against aquaplaning. The tyre is also resistant to low temperatures. It provides high mileage and a quiet, comfortable driving. Low fuel consumption Fulda Kristall Montero is equipped with modern directional tread pattern that works on all surfaces. The rubber used in Fulda Kristall Montero was enriched with silica, thus the mixture is flexible and resistant to low temperatures. This ensures better performance on wet roads and lower rolling resistance, contributing to the reduction of fuel consumption. Extended service life and comfort Optimally positioned tread blocks result in optimum pressure distribution and uniform tread wear. Special tread blocks were used to reduce noise level, thus, Fulda Kristall Montero provides high acoustic comfort. Reduced risk of aquaplaning A greater level of security on wet and snowy road was ensured by deep circumferential and radial channel grooves that effectively remove water and slush from the tyre. This proves effective in reducing the risk of aqua and slushplaning. The tread of Fulda Kristall Montero has a very good contact with the ground. Its special structure provides improved grip and offers safe starting off and accelerating. Fulda Kristall Montero is a winter tyre designed for cars from low and middle classes. It is particularly suitable for city cars with small and medium engine capacity.

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Kristall Montero Reviews

Very good winter tires, excelent grip on snow and ice, very satisfied with them, never slipped, get stuck with them over 2 winters now, this will be the third, i have them by 4 years now, i got them when i received the car. And the price is excellent compared to what it can do.
CompareTyres user 2023
Very good in the wet and on sleet. Good on snow - provided it's not soft, deep snow. Decent feedback, good fuel economy. They wear rather fast. There is little visual difference between Montero and Montero 2, identical profile and just a few creases more for the later tyre. I have both on my car.
CompareTyres user 2023

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