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Fulda tyres are a German brand that specialises in the production of tyres for passenger cars, delivery vans and lorries, including summer tyres, winter tyres... says...

Fulda EcoControl – Fuel saving summer tyre with long mileage and excellent grip properties The new EcoControl summer tyre is the perfect choice for Smart Buyers. The Fulda EcoControl summer tyre uses an innovative silica tread compound that reduces the tyre rolling resistance and lowers the fuel consumption. The term “Eco” underlines this amazing tyre fuel saving property. The Fulda EcoControl summer tyre delivers exceptional grip and ensures short braking distance on wet roads. Its asymmetric design maximises the tyre-to-road contact. The term “Control” underlines this excellent tyre grip. Moreover, the Fulda EcoControl summer tyre offers extra mileage thanks to its flatter contour and increased tread width. If you are searching for a fuel saving tyre giving you more for less money, the new Fulda EcoControl summer tyre is definitely the best choice for Smart Buyers. Key benefits: fuel saving summer tyre, long tyre mileage, excellent tyre grip Key benefit * Fuel saving * High mileage * Short braking distances on wet roads

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EcoControl Reviews

After 4.5 years they have a lot of damage from bad roads, but they last a lot in time.
CompareTyres user 2023
My wife had 3 accidens with this tyres. They dont hold well when turning and they have longer braking distance then expected even on dry road. On wet you have to be carefull when tyres are old but when are new they feel ok. After we put Continentals on a Car, Car drove much better. Also they wear a little bit more then expected. I would recomend these only if you drive low mileage on a car. When new they are ok but after few years they are not good as expected.
CompareTyres user 2023
Very satisfied with Fulda tires, good grip on all surfaces, good wear.
CompareTyres user 2023