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195/65 R16 104R

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  • 5 year guarantee on tyres
  • Delivered or Fitting available
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About Firestone Vanhawk

Width: 195

Profile: 65

Rim Size: R16

Speed Rating: R

Load Index: 104

Fuel Efficiency: F

Wet Grip: C

Noise Level: 72 says...

Firestone has successfully been operating in the tyre market for many years. Firestone produces tyres for different types of cars, but always for drivers who appreciate safety and comfort. The Firestone VANHAWK is a middle class summer tyre, which is designed for vans and minibuses of medium and very large capacity. 


The tyre is constructed from very high quality materials and has an extremely strong tread, making it very durable and able to last up to a high mileage. Not only is durability and longevity very important, but also, the fact that the tyre ensures full safety on wet roads . The producer used very wide rubber belts to deliver high quality safety and long life, this in turn makes the edges of the tread are incredibly strong. The tyre also has wide and straight grooves so it does not lose grip on wet surfaces.  The Firestone tyre VANHAWK is resistant to heat. This extremely important feature is obtained by the use of a special composition of the tread and has a huge impact on the amount of heat generated. 


A car equipped with Firestone VANHAWK tyres moves smoothly, so you can comfortably traverse, very long distances. The tyre is perfectly suited for long routes. With Firestone tyres VANHAWK, you not only receive strength, driving comfort and safety , which are very important features, but when choosing a tyre, the design is also very important.  The Firestone VANHAWK tyre is extremely aesthetic and solidly constructed. Summing up the tyre, the Firestone VANHAWK summer tyre is designed for vans, small trucks and minibuses. . The tyres provide security on both wet and dry conditions, they will deliver on both long and short journeys and are made to serve, for a long time. 

Firestone Vanhawk

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