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Founded in Ohio in 1900 by Harvey Firestone, The Firestone Tire & Rubber Company has built up a strong reputation in the tyre world. Firestone... says...

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The Firestone Multiseason is a year-round tyre designed for drivers living in temperate climates where winters are mild but weather conditions can still be unpredictable. It's the ideal solution for anyone who wants to save time and money on seasonal tyre changes. By choosing the Firestone Multiseason model, you can rely on safe and comfortable driving all year round, without needing to worry about seasonal tyre changes and the associated trips to the garage, etc.

Tests have shown that the Firestone Multiseason is ideally suited to any conditions likely to be encountered by European drivers on the road. The tyre also delivers outstanding driving characteristics, even in the event of sudden weather changes.

The designers of the Firestone Multiseason put a great deal of effort into ensuring that their creation featured only the most effective and thoroughly tested tread.The Firestone Multiseason’s tread pattern has many grooves, made using Nano-ProTech technology. This helps the tyre drain water in a fast and efficient way. Large amounts of water can be drained off very quickly without any adverse impact on the driver’s control of the vehicle. And thanks to the carefully-planned tread surface, the tyre is distinguished not only by very good grip, but also by short braking distances in any conditions. The tyre can be handled with maximum comfort both in summer, in the rain, and in winter on frost and snow.

Tests have shown that the tyre performs particularly well in the city. The Firestone Multiseason is guaranteed to give full satisfaction on every-day drives..

Firestone is an American tyre brand with a long tradition. In 1988, the company was taken over by Bridgestone, the Japanese group and largest tyre manufacturer in the world. Originally, Firestone was the first to provide tyres to the Ford Motor Company. Today, Firestone is still well known for tyres that combine excellent performance and attractive prices. Over the years, the company has come to use not only their own experience of 110 years, but also that of the largest global tyre manufacturer – Bridgestone.

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Multiseason Reviews

Quiet and comfortable. I replaced a Bridgestone T001 for the MultiSeason, dry grip feels about the same, wet grip not quite as good.
CompareTyres User 2019
these look like an identical tread pattern to my old firestone winter hawk run them all year round , never gets that warm here in NW ireland. first time in real snow and ice for a few years and giving me real grip in snow and braking in a straight line in ice i live on ungritted hilly country roads so always have a few miles of interesting driving when winter comes. but i have found these tryres fine in summer and much better than a summer tyre once the temperature drops
CompareTyres User 2019
Reasonably inexpensive tires. Good in dry, suprisingly quiet. Required caution on the wet. Atlhough grip in straght line is pretty decent- tire has problems coping with corners and rounabouts.

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