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Firestone Firehawk TZ300

205/50 R16 87V

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About Firestone Firehawk TZ300

Width: 205

Profile: 50

Rim Size: R16

Speed Rating: V

Load Index: 87

Fuel Efficiency: E

Wet Grip: B

Noise Level: 72 says...

Tyre details:

Firestone TZ300 is a durable and resistant tyre that performs well in any weather conditions prevailing in Poland in the summer. Utilising a symmetrical tread, the tyre ensures an excellent dry and wet grip. This improves the driving safety and means that with Firestone TZ300 you can feel very safe. The model is a more comfortable and safer version of Firestone TZ200 which was well known among drivers. With its soft lateral wall and reduced stiffness, the tyre transfers less vibrations, which positively translates into driving comfort. The symmetric tread performs excellent at water drainage. Apart from smooth drainage, the longitudinal grooves combined with transverse notches also ensure an even pressure of the tyre against the surface. The grip is therefore improved and the tread wears out evenly, ensuring a balanced performance over the course of its life. The numerous sipes and grooves of the tread help protect the tyre against the dangerous aquaplaning.

The assets of Firestone TZ300 include a short braking distance and excellent traction provided by a large number of longitudinal grooves and notches. Additionally, driving comfort is improved by the silent operation facilitated by the use of a block shoulder joint which reduces the noise level. Firestone TZ300 stands for top quality and performance which make everyday driving a real pleasure.

Firestone is an American brand currently owned by Bridgestone (since 1988). The company’s history dates back to 1900, when Harvey Firestone, the owner, started the wide-scale manufacturing of tyres as the main supplier for the Ford Motor Company. Presently, the brand manufactures tyres designed for passenger cars, light trucks, lorries and agricultural machines. Apart from Firestone, Bridgestone owns such brands as Dayton, Seiberling, Road King, Gilette, Peerless and FireStop. In Poland, Firestone tyres are manufactured in the company’s plants located in Poznań and Stargard.

Firestone Firehawk TZ300
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