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Founded in Ohio in 1900 by Harvey Firestone, The Firestone Tire & Rubber Company has built up a strong reputation in the tyre world. Firestone... says...
  • Gives superb comfort and a quiet drive.
  • Offers very good grip and braking in dry conditions.
The high performance Firestone Firehawk TZ200 Fuel Saver tyre is a touring tyre, giving superb comfort and a quiet drive for drivers of powerful new-generation saloons offering very good grip and braking in dry conditions.
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Firehawk TZ200 FUEL Saver Reviews

Very good dry grip, can feel the car starting to lose grip if going round a roundabout a bit on the keen side in the wet. Got 20k miles out of a front pair, worn down to 2.5mm before changing on my mk5 fiesta. Impressed with the Firestones, just replaced with TZ300a's.
CompareTyres User 2019
They're already 7 years old, only some 50 000 kilometers with them and they're almos new. I don't own a very powerful car, but on the corners I have no stress even if they're on 15". Very good grip on the wet. The fuel consumption raised a bit from some 195 65 15 Winter Michelins. Not very noisy, but the tyre finishing is not the very best though - lots of rubber residue. Very happy with them, and if I wasn't looking for 17s, I would consider to buy those again.
CompareTyres User 2019
Much better than Michelin Energy XV1 put by factory. Good grip in all weather conditions and driving situations (city, mountain road and highway). Its side it's a bit soft so the steering is not so immediate, but 0.3 bars more can solve the problem (on my Corolla). It's a bit noisy on highway, from 110 km/h, more or less. Noticeable reduction of fuel consumption. Overall, I am quite satisfied.

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