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Founded in Ohio in 1900 by Harvey Firestone, The Firestone Tire & Rubber Company has built up a strong reputation in the tyre world. Firestone... says...

Firestone F590FS is a summer tyre designed for mid-range cars. This model features an asymmetrical tread, which works very well on both dry and wet surfaces. It was designed based on a special technology, which is able to provide better performance regardless of the current weather. The tyre is economical in use through the adaptation of its rubber compound with enriched mixture of both carbon and silica patented by the manufacturer. The reduction of combustion also helped shape optimized carcass, so that fuel consumption has become lower and decreased carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

Three wide grooves and suitably spaced notches forces the water to be quickly and effectively dissipated from the face of the tyre. As a result the risk of aquaplaning is considerably reduced. The good grip in dry conditions is ansure by another technological solution which adapts the shape of the matrix of the tyre to the driving style. This had a positive impact on the handling, uniform tread wear and longevity. Firestone F590FS provides a quiet and comfortable driving experience thanks to an optimized tread design and meticulous production process. As a result, the sounds emitted by the tyre during rolling are efficiently suppressed. The tyre meets the expectations of drivers who require a balanced performance on any type of surface, durability and comfort while from driving.

Firestone is an American brand specializing in the production of tyres middle class. They are characterized by the best value for money and optimal parameters. The company offers tyres for cars, trucks, vans, as well as industrial and agricultural tyres. Since 1988, Firestone is one of the largest companies in the industry - Bridgestone. Company Head Office founded in 1905 by Harvey S. Firestone is located in Akron, Ohio, USA.

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