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I bought these as my first winter tyre and had them returned back to the garage within a week. Both my dad and I ordered these tyres around the same time but my dad had them fitted a day or two before me. He complained that his front wheels had spun when taking off at a junction three times that day...not good! ANyways, got mine fitted and to drive on they felt fine, very quiet and comfortable. However, I quickly noticed that the steering now felt a bit squirmy and cornering was crap...they seemed really twitchy. But best was to come....first bit of real cold weather and slightly icy conditions and on a slow corner that I had driven across for around 20 odd years...I ended up sliding sideways onto the other side of the road. Two cars infront of me going the same speed had no problems...just me! That was enough for me to return them - they were hopeless and I'll never buy cheap tyres like that again. Got some Goodyear Ultra Grip 8 tyres now - will review them in a few months but so far they are a HUG lot better. Federal Himalaya - rubbish. Actually, my dad told me today he was wheel spinning the front tyres again....beleive me when I say he drives SLOW.
CompareTyres User 2019
Very good quality winter tires, I just love them! With this tires your car is just "glued" to the road - very stable on a wet, icy or snow roads. I have made simple video review of this great tires below: I recommend this tyres to all!
CompareTyres User 2019
Just crossed hilly ,twisting, North Yorks Moors in heavy snow .The tyres performed faultlessly,passing safely 4x4 vehicles that were unable to climb the hills.The traction was amazing,gripping the ice and snow both downhill and on corners. We tow a large caravan with our Volvo S80 saloon and our tyres ensure that we pull off on mud and wet grass without causing damaging wheelspin. we can not praise our Federal tyres highly enough and will certainly use them in future,and be confident they will ensure our safety in extreme conditions

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