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Federal 595 RSR

225/40 R18 88W

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About Federal 595 RSR

Width: 225

Profile: 40

Rim Size: R18

Speed Rating: W

Load Index: 88

Fuel Efficiency: E

Wet Grip: C

Noise Level: 70

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Tyre details:

Every vehicle should have good tyres, which squeeze out the full power from the engine, maintain a constant driving comfort and provide a high road safety. Federal 595RS-R tyres are designed for drivers who like to drive fast or prefer strong vehicles even for a calm travel.

Federal 595RS-R tyres are the perfect model for anyone who prefers a sporty driving style and have a well prepared vehicle, or for the lovers of participation in amateur events in such events as Track Day or KJS. The model 595RS-R has been tested on racecourses and has every time received high ratings. For many years, Federal has been passionately developing sports tyres that present a high performance and at the same time ensure safe driving on dangerous roads.

The main assets of these tyres include optimum and even distribution of stiffness on the road surface. The even distribution of pressures at the centre and shoulders of the tread resulted in an improved grip of Federal 595RS-R to the surface and increased traction properties. Additionally, the tyres wear evenly.

The directional V-shaped tread pattern improves the tyre’s aerodynamics, as compared to the previous model, and minimises the risk of aquaplaning even at a high speed. The use of wide angle of notches makes the tyre stick to the track determined by the driver.

It is worth knowing that Federal 595RS-R has quite stiff side walls. This allows for cornering at full speed and for effective acceleration at straight road sections (the tyre perfectly adheres to dry surfaces).

Federal is a company from Taiwan, which is famous for high-quality tyres designed for amateur sport applications. The company was founded in the 1950s, and today they cooperate with such groups as Bridgestone. The technological support of the Japanese giant makes the Federal tyres even better.

Federal 595 RSR
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