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Falken Ziex ZE914A Ecorun tyres

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Falken Tyres are an affordable, high quality tyre brand, part of the so-called Mid Range tyre manufacturers. Their tyres are designed using the latest Japanese... says...


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Falken ZE 914A Ecorun is equipped with a specific asymmetric tread. Its surface is divided into four rows by deep longitudinal grooves. They are starting points for narrower drain grooves which end up at the edge with increased stiffness and slight ribbing. The external part is distinguished by a high grip and allows for high performance on bends and on dry surfaces. The internal part, with the narrower grooves, perfectly drains water from the front of the tyre, which prevents skidding and effectively protects against aquaplaning. The tread reduces braking distance, improves safety, provides low rolling resistance and ensures silent driving in any conditions.

Information on the product:

Falken ZE 914A Ecorun is made of advanced materials. They used a rubber compound which ensures resistance to damage and polymers that improve the material flexibility. Thanks to the addition of silica, the tyre does not overheat while driving, which extends its lifespan and doesn’t increase driving resistance, even on a hot day. With the applied materials, driving with Falken ZE 914A Ecorun are economical. The car consumes less fuel and is more ecological due to decreased wear. The tyre is stable and cost-efficient, and even though it belongs to the medium class, it features many benefits of premium products.

Information on the manufacturer:

Falken specialise in the manufacture of HP and UHP tyres. The brand has been on the market since 1983 and is active in many sports events (such as American Le Mans Series or Formula Drift Series). It was originally created to compete on the American market. With high performance at attractive prices, it has gained many supporters all over the world.

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