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Falken SN 831 is an innovative medium-class summer tyre designed for everyday use. The model uses an asymmetric tread pattern, consisting of two independent parts. The outer part is responsible for maintaining proper driving performance on dry roads and for adequate stability while cornering. The task of the inner part of the tread is to achieve appropriate performance parameters on wet surfaces and to quickly evacuate water. It is ensured by wide grooves that efficiently remove water and mud from the front of the tyre. This enables quick drying and resistance to the loss of grip and aquaplaning.

Improved communication between the driver and the tyre ensures better manoeuvrability and precise driving control. The tyre is made of a modern rubber mixture with special components added for optimal grip over a wide temperature range. They guarantee a dynamic and sporty driving experience which is thrilling, but safe. Also, the mixture’s weight is lower than standard compounds, which translates into reduced rolling resistance. This also provides lower fuel consumption and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. Falken SN 831 is a good solution for all drivers, who are looking for tyres designed for everyday use with optimised performance on any type of road and good value for money.

Falken is a Japanese company specialising in the production of medium-class tyres. The tyres maintain sustainable performance parameters regardless of the weather, ensure short braking distances and anextended operational life. Falken’s offer includes tyres for passenger cars, trucks, 4x4, vans and industrial vehicles. Their factories are located in the United States. Since 2003, Falken belongs to the Sumitomo Rubber Industries Group.

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