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Falken Sincera SN-807 is a summer middle class tyre. The tread of Falken Sincera SN-807 ensures smooth and comfortable driving on both wet and dry roads. It provides good traction and short braking distances. Other advantages of the tyre are a long service life and considerably low price.

The tread of Falken Sincera SN-807 features a compact and robust construction. In the central part there are two circumferential ribs, made of simple blocks. Their task is to ensure accurate transfer of the movements of the steering wheel on the road. Small blocks also provide a good distribution of pressure across the surface of the tread. As a result, the tyre adheres better, and the tread wears evenly. It also reduces rolling resistance, which translates into lower fuel consumption.

For the production of Falken Sincera SN-807 an innovative mixture with silica was used. The material is resistant to high temperatures. It also guarantees non-slip characteristics when driving on wet roads.

The directional design of the tread allows good control and high stability, even on uneven surfaces. A large number of edges of the tread at the centre and on the sides help to shorten braking distances and improve response to steering movements. Three broad channels run along the circumference of Falken Sincera SN-807. They remove water to the sides, so that the risk of aquaplaning is reduced. Good pressure distribution also results in higher driving comfort. To reduce noise level, designers put on the shoulders special incision dissipating vibration and noise.

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